Oil 2005

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First Try
60 x 35 cm

This is my first oil painting ever.


This is my first nude, painting during class at Folkuniversitetet

Billy Bob
54 x 65 cm

The original is a GQ magazine photo.

Skeppsholmen Evening
55 x 46 cm

I made this as an experiment with skies and water.

Skeppsholmen Light Blue
65 x 54 cm

I made this as an experiment with light.
The base is a thick layer of light blue, and painting on top of this has left impressions in the base layer.

Dan & Lena
53 x 62 cm

This is my brother and his wife.
It is my first portrait painting.

80 x 116 cm

This is an experimentation with constructive art.
The original is a advertisement, and I liked the color and composition.

White Vases

This is a still life painted in class at Folkuniversitetet.

Rosa Dreaming

This is the second nude painted at Folkuniversitetet.
It started as a fairly realistic painting, but I changed it completely at the last sitting.

Miles Davis
80 x 116 cm

This is my first commissioned work.
It was bought by Cecilia Engström.

Joakim Udd
50 x 70 cm

This is a friend of mine, painted from a photograph.
It was bought by himself.

Selfportrait 05
50 x 70 cm

(in progress)

This is an experimental self portrait


Plastic can

This is a simple still life, and I was testing the palette knife on the second canvas.


Katrin sitting

The is a simple nude painting, and I was testing the palette knife on the second canvas.

Three chairs

This is a still life, inspired by cubism. The actual setup was pretty different from the final painting.
The painting has passed through several phases, including this, which is a bit less vertical.

Rosa White

Class assignment with flesh on white.

Front nude

Class assignment with foreshortening.
I used Permanent Rose, Phtalo Blue, Lemon Yellow and Titanium White for this one, with some Ivory Black for the hair.

Three bottles

Class assignment with still life. I have kept values fairly even across hue changes to maximize the effect of shadowing.

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