Sven Trebard

Sven Trebard

Founder and CEO, Demagic AB.



This is part of production of fine arts. Click on the images for more of the same style and year, or browse the whole production. A few more pieces can be found at

Nada Studio

Having a personal studio may seem impressive, but it is just a corner of my apartment. It has a Facebook page.

This is my Fodera bass.


These are a few inspirations for painting.


This is a collection of standard and drinking songs, written in Swedish but not by me.


Here are a few arrangement I have made for my accapella groups.


This is a short description in Swedish of why there are twelve notes in an octave and similar mysteries.

SKY CEILING I have phosphorescent stellar map above my bed. It's amazing. Check out these instructions.
DEVELOPMENT COMPLEXITY CIRCLE This is how I view software development in general.
Each box communicates only with the two surrounding boxes.
  • User experience include business processes and general satisfaction with the software.
  • UI is the interface between the software and the user.
  • UX-model is an abstraction of the problem to be solved.
  • App is the software logic.
  • App-model is the datamodel needed to support the app functionality.
  • API defines the communication with backend.
  • Platform is the functionality and datamodel of the backend. It should resemble the app-model, but is not required to be identical.
  • Storage is backend storage.
  • Data science is backend statistics and data engineering.
  • Sensors are similar to UI, but communicates only with backend.
  • Proof of concepts generally end up in dashboards, which are in no way optimized for actual problems.
  • Cocreation generally deifines the ux model, but is not really integrated with actual usage.
  • Prototyping with a simulated backend is an agile way to fit a full-stack solution to the problem and to define consistent UI and API.
  • Sales generally focus on the platform and whatever user experience that is defined by the platform abstractions.
  • The evaluation of a project is generally focused on the actual experience of the users, which may differ a lot from the platform, since it is more complex.
REQUIREMENT PILOT DEVELOPMENT This is how I think some software development projects should be executed.

1966 Born in Stockholm • 1976-1984 Adolf Fredrik School of Music in Stockholm • 1984-1985 Hopkins High School, Minneapolis • 1986-1987 Second Lieutenant of Reconnaissance Platoon • 1987 Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Engineering Physics • 1987-1995 Illustrator of various publications at KTH • 1989-1991 Developed the City Info system, used for tourist guiding • 1992 Changed major at KTH to Computer Science • 1993 On stage at Komediteatern, Gröna Lund, with the play Ada, Dataspelet • 1994 On stage at Södra Teatern, Stockholm, with the play The Tsar, Kårspexet • 1995 Initiator and project manager of the InSight project, representing Sweden at Apple Design Project '95 in Cupertino • 1995-2000 Working for Swedbank Capital Markets & Securities. Designed and developed NetTrade, the first equity trading website in Europe, with Jörgen Blomberg • 1996 Developed NetTrade into the first multilingual and multimarket trading site of the world, with Jörgen Blomberg and Måns Tånneryd • 1997-2000 Formed (and disbanded) various groups of vocal jazzquartets and -quintets • 1997- 2000 Inhouse development, mathematics and user interface design at Swedbank. Developed Swedbank Bali, an application for equity, fixed income and currency analysis • 1997 One month in Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand • 1998 Six weeks in Australia • 1999 Six weeks in South Africa • 2000-2001 Knowledge architect and founding partner, QiTech AB. Developed QiTech Qiper, which was used by the NordNet online equity trading site, where five different but similar sites could be managed and translated into six different languages, with one html structure instead of thirty • 2001-2004 Member of the chamber choir Svenska Röster, performances including Globen, Konserthuset, Berwaldhallen as well national and foreign tours • 2001-2003 Developing PowerPilot, an analysis tool for the financial power market, based on the Uninode® architecture, with Rickard Werneker and Josefin Bodell • 2002-2003 Founder and member of the vocal quartet Radiokvartetten • 2002 PowerPilot is installed at Nord Pool, the nordic power exchange • 2003 Founder, president and CEO, Demagic AB • 2004 Founding Nada Risk AB with Rickard Werneker and Josefin Bodell, to continue development of PowerPilot • 2005 Setting up the Cloud Studio a.k.a Nada Studio • 2005-2006 Taking art classes at Folkuniversitetet • 2005 Changed name from Sven Gothefors to Sven Trebard • 2007 Working with Racasse AB, developing the Central Name Registry • 2008 Solo exhibition at Spy Bar • 2009 Working on Uninode, Nodelab and Studiolab, three framework layers for music composition • 2009 Signed contract with French photo agency • 2009-2011 Second solo exhibition at Spy Bar • 2009 Master's thesis • 2010-2012 Working at Pan Capital • 2012 Fulltime work with Studiolab - The best software in the world for writing songs ™ - and PainterTool • 2015- iOS developer at Tieto • 2016 US patent for a method of composing with specification and figures


This is me at the Quarnevalen Song Contest in 1993.

This is me taking a break from painting.


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